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Concealed Carry Handgun Certification Class 

Charles and Peggy Elrod, husband and wife team, instruct the NC Concealed Carry Certification Classes. 

We use real examples when answering student's questions from people whom have had close deadly encounters with an attempt or experience on themselves or their loved ones. 

This enables us to relate the use of deadly force into real encounters.

We know that there are many conceal carry classes that do not provide this unique knowledge. 

We believe that when you leave Firearms Training By Elrod class you should leave with a good working knowledge of the laws governing the use of deadly force and the rules established by the state of North Carolina on carry conceal as well as being tested on your firearms knowledge and marksmanship skills.

Check to be sure you are eligible to get your concealed carry permit. 

Instruction Includes

Students are required to pass a written examination on the CCH Laws & Provisions on NC Common Law dealing with deadly force.  Students are required to fire and pass a handgun proficiency course of fire.

NC CCW The CCH course does not teach a  
 person how to shoot.

 Inexperienced people in firearms 
 must consider a basic Firearm
 Orientation Class
prior to taking the
  CCH class.

We offer this service by appointment. 


What are others saying about our Concealed Carry Handgun Class?

(These are just a few comments, there are many more stories)

NC CCW"This class was excellent.  I was provided a comfortable learning environment in a small class setting where myself as well as others could ask questions and not feel out of place. 

They were very thoughtful and I recommend this class to anyone from novice to expert."

Joshua T. Raney

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class"The training and instruction that I received from the Elrod's met all of my expectations. 

They offer up a relaxed, yet focused, learning environment...whether in the classroom or on the range.

Both Chuck and Peggy offered easy to understand materials and examples of what is required for taking on the responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon.

I would recommend the Elrod's to anyone serious about learning handgun safety or training."

Marty Leavengood   

Join the NRA"This class was very informational.  I think before citizens are able to purchase a firearm they should be required to take this class.  By being in this class I was able to learn my rights as a firearm owning citizen.

The class was perfect, it included an instructional video and there was material available for hands on learning.  The instructors were very involved and really cared that you were able to understand the materials covered in the classroom.  The instructors used real life scenarios that helped class retain material."

Rodney Reddick

Handgun Safety"This class is great for the understanding and confidence in using a handgun.  The instruction of the class helps you determine when and what you need to do in case any situation arises. 

 As far as things to do better for the class, I would say keep everything the same.  All points were explained as needed and were given opportunity to ask and get questions answered."

Anthony Floyd  

Second Amendment"I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in a concealed weapons class.  The firing range practice was AWSOME!  I was shown some bad habits that I was unaware I even had.  I was receiving training from an EXPERT!  I was not expecting this, and it was AWSOME.  Chuck was continually coaching me and having me to remain positive, as I was nervous about the target practicing.

It became VERY obvious that BOTH instructors were very professional and have done this MANY times.  AWSOME Class and I just can't say enough about how great this was."

Jerry Ray

Concealed Carry Handgun"The class is very informative.  I recommend it to anyone who plans to handle handguns.  I am sure that my skill and safety have been greatly increased by this experience.

Peggy and Charles will bend over backwards to make you feel comfortable and get as much from this as possible."

Phillip Lilly   

America Gun Rights"I found the Conceal Carry Handgun class as presented by Chuck and Peggy to be an excellent introduction to the legal and practical aspects of carrying a concealed firearm.

The instructors are very friendly and personable, and present the required material effectively while also introducing their own useful personal experiences."

Lee Chidester

Protect you and your family"I learned quite a bit of information about the rules of concealed carry that I would not have known without taking this class."

Andrew Acker 

Firearms Training By Elrod Concealed Carry Handgun Class"The class was a great small sized that really personalized the training.  It seems both Charles and Peggy are knowledgeable in the subjects they teach."

Brian Kohout


North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Class"Class was very informative.  Enjoyed the additional information given from real life experience.  Thank You."

Rich Kehler   

Protect you and your family"You were very hospitable and friendly.  I appreciate your knowledge and willingness to say 'I don't Know.'"

D. Alan Hahn

American Right To Own Guns"Class was very informative, covering the areas that I previously didn't know.  Especially in the areas of NC Law and it's application to real life scenarious....

...I did find the class environment very relaxing and informal which seemed to help learning the material very easy...  Thanks."

Tim Schulien  

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class"The class was exactly as it was represented when I initially called.  There was no expectation by Charles and Peggy that I already knew aspects so everything was covered.  Thanks."

Rod Osborn 

Join NRA Today"Very nice people, teach me well, and took their time to show and teach me the laws and rules."

Clinton Lynch 

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class"This class is a very good class.  It help me learn a lot of stuff, like safety.  I feel good about this class."

Shane Howell




Rule #1 ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a
                          safe direction.

Rule #2 ALWAYS keep your finger off the
                         trigger until ready to shoot.

Rule #3 ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded
                         until ready to use.