Firearm Orientation Class

-- For Students With
NO Prior Firearm Experience --

NOTE:  We charge $250 per person for firearm orientation class that is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation of one specific firearm model. 

You will need to bring 200 rounds of ammunition for your handgun and this class must be completed before you can receive your NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class Certificate and range pre-qualification.

The $250 includes using our 22 caliber handgun and ammo, targets and Chuck's instructions at our private range.  Then we progress to firing your handgun and ammo.

Firearm Orientation Class

Please CLICK HERE for Registration Form and return your information to Peggy Elrod, along with a $250 Non-Refundable Pre Registration Fee, in order to be registered for the Firearm Orientation Class.

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class"The One on One Training - Firearms Orientation course I took with Chuck was awesome! He is very patient and methodical. I came away with a tremendous amount of confidence in my skills and the safe use of firearms, which is important for a beginner like me. Chuck is extremely knowledgeable about firearms and their safe use. I would recommend this course to anyone. Thanks Chuck!"

Bob Webb

Concealed Carry Handgun"Chuck is an excellent teacher, able to put a student at ease while still insisting on high standards for safety and competence.

He can inspire confidence in a beginner or challenge the skills of an advanced marksman. He and Peggy have developed an efficient, thorough and pleasant course to further the cause of responsible gun ownership."

David Miller

Concealed Carry Handgun Class"I recently purchased my 1st handgun with the caveat that I had a great deal to learn. After much searching, I found Firearms Training by Elrod. I entered this course with absolutely no knowledge of handguns and a bit apprehensive of my inexperience and ignorance on the subject.

The first element I noted was Chuck and Peggy Elrod made me feel extremely comfortable. Within minutes, all apprehension was alleviated. Next, I noted how well Chuck Elrod tailored the training around my learning style. This allowed me to learn quickly and retain all I learned.

Walking out of this class, I have a comfort with the safe handling and maintenance of my firearm. I would recommend Chuck and Peggy Elrod’s training to anyone from novice to highly skilled. I will definitely attend their concealed carry and advanced courses. In my opinion, there is not even a choice for firearms training!

Wayne Truitt

Wayne Truitt, PMP®
GCSC Program Manager
AT&T Raleigh, NC

Concealed Carry Handgun"I would highly recommend anyone who is not experienced with firearms, or has limited experience like myself, take this class.

As a female, I understand that going to a shooting range can be very intimidating. In my experience, unless you are well trained or go in with a trainer, you really don't "fit in" at a range. With Chuck's training you not only become a more proficient shooter but you learn invaluable lessons on firearms safety.

I look forward to future classes with Chuck & Peggy and increasing my knowledge and level of proficiency."

Lennie Edwards

Concealed Carry Handgun"It had been 2 years since I picked up my firearm. I wanted to take the conceal weapons class so I thought it may be a good idea if I took the Firearms Orientation class before I took the Concealed Weapons Class just to get use to shooting again.

Boy was I glad I did.

When I got to the range I was a terrible shot. But with the help of Chuck coaching me along and teaching me many things I was able to increase my skills level immensely. He puts you at ease and takes the being nervous away very quickly. He is a super nice guy and a superb instructor. He is very knowledgeable and very experienced in firearm handling & safety. I would recommend this class for anyone wanting to upgrade your shooting skills or for the beginner who has never fired a gun at all.

Thank you very much Chuck for all your help."

Lewis Spurlin

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class"Chuck is fantastic! He had me shooting bulls eyes by the end of the session. Very relaxed situation, very safe instruction, and an overall great experience. He really takes one on one time with you and encourages you into becoming a safe, responsible and accurate firearms carrier. Thanks Chuck, you're the best!"

George Helton

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class"I received intensive one-on-one training and advice that resulted in my gaining confidence with the handgun, accuracy in shooting and safe handgun handling during my one-on-one training with Elrod. I would recommend this training to my friends or anyone. I was a total novice when I started the class and ended the class feeling very confident in safely protecting myself."

Sherri Melton

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class"Prior to training with Chuck for three hours, I had never shot a handgun. I now have the ability to handle a handgun safety and with confidence."

Jonathan C. Anders

Second Amendment"I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in a concealed weapons class.  The firing range practice was AWSOME!  I was shown some bad habits that I was unaware I even had.  I was receiving training from an EXPERT!  I was not expecting this, and it was AWSOME.  Chuck was continually coaching me and having me to remain positive, as I was nervous about the target practicing.

It became VERY obvious that BOTH instructors were very professional and have done this MANY times.  AWSOME Class and I just can't say enough about how great this was."

Jerry Ray

“This class was very informational. I think before citizens are able to purchase a firearm they should be required to take this class. By being in this class I was able to learn my rights as a firearm owning citizen.

The class was perfect, it included an instructional video and there was material available for hands on learning. The instructors were very involved and really cared that you were able to understand the materials covered in the classroom. The instructors used real life scenarios that helped class retain material.”
Rodney Reddick

“This class is a very good class. It help me learn a lot of stuff, like safely. I feel good about this class.”
Shane Howell

“This class is great for the understanding and confidence in using a handgun. The instruction of the class helps you determine when and what you need to do in case any situation arises. As far as things to do better for the class, I would say keep everything the same. All points were explained as needed and were given opportunity to ask and get questions answered.”
Anthony Floyd