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In July 1995, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted a Concealed Carry - Handgun law that allows qualifying
citizens of North Carolina the opportunity to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun.  As a provision of this
legislation, the individual must complete a required training program in the use of deadly force, carrying a concealed
handgun and demonstrate proficiency in the use of the handgun. One of our goals at Firearms Training By Elrod is to provide the required training to meet the North Carolina State requirements in order for you to apply for your Concealed Handgun Permit. To learn more about getting your CCH Permit CLICK HERE.

This law  requires that the permit be secured from the sheriff of the permittee's county of residence. Once issued, the Concealed Carry Handgun permit is valid throughout the state for a period of five years, unless it has been revoked. 

The 2003-2004 Session of the NC General Assembly rewrote NC General Statute 14-402 (Sale of certain weapons without permit forbidden) It was rewritten to allow citizens who have been issued a North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit to lawfully obtain  a handgun  WITHOUT having to purchase an additional permit from the Sheriff. Here is a copy of House Bill 817. 

Emergency CCH Permit

“This class was very informational. I think before citizens are able to purchase a firearm they should be required to take this class. By being in this class I was able to learn my rights as a firearm owning citizen.

The class was perfect, it included an instructional video and there was material available for hands on learning. The instructors were very involved and really cared that you were able to understand the materials covered in the classroom. The instructors used real life scenarios that helped class retain material.”
Rodney Reddick

“This class is a very good class. It help me learn a lot of stuff, like safely. I feel good about this class.”
Shane Howell

“This class is great for the understanding and confidence in using a handgun. The instruction of the class helps you determine when and what you need to do in case any situation arises. As far as things to do better for the class, I would say keep everything the same. All points were explained as needed and were given opportunity to ask and get questions answered.”
Anthony Floyd